A great way to add extra joy and merriness during the holidays, especially during the pandemic!  Enroll your kids in a festive and enriching  Online Holiday Writing Adventure. A fully-guided virtual class where students will create their own custom stories.  Our instructors are there to provide guidance on writing, expand their ideas and typing support. We will also include fun art activities.

Students will create stories for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Holidays. (e.g. Christmas, Hanukkah or Winter). Each child will receive 2-3 softcover custom books they create of their stories, writing time, self-expression activities, and remote studio access for character & illustration design. 

Imagination fun for every child. Sign-up today!


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Storymakery is a unique place for children and families to have fun while making both memories and stories that last a lifetime. We encourage kids to be creative and explore ideas, while also building their cognitive and writing skills. We create an interactive and personalized writing experience where kids will be able to publish their own book after creating their own characters, story plots, and book layouts.

About Storymakery

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Remote Access to Character Studio

Fully Guided Instruction
Engaging Activities

1-2 Bound Storybooks
Free Shipping

Classes Include:

"We registered our 8-year-old daughter for the virtual class and it was fantastic! She really enjoyed it. It was engaging, educational, creative, and lots of fun. We are looking forward to the next class! Thank you Storymakery! Well done!"  - Heather L.

Examples of Books Created:

Storymakery is pleased to offer a virtual Mystery Writing Course for kids ages 9-12. A fully-guided virtual class where students will learn basic mechanics of creating a mystery story. Mystery writing requires a different approach to plot development than other genres. Our instructors teach students how to structure their stories to keep their readers guessing.



October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, November 3rd, and 10th

4:00 - 4:45 PM US PDT (7:00 - 7:45 PM EDT)


Technical Info:

Taught on Zoom. Browser: Chrome is the best option. Otherwise, Safari and Firefox.

Access to PC or Laptop.  iPads not recommended.

Our online course includes 1 hardcover or 2 softcover storybooks kids will create during the 4 weeks. Kids will enjoy fun instruction from the safety of your home, engaging activities, free Storymakery account, and shipping.

Every Tuesday beginning October 6th for 45 minutes.

Books make great holiday gifts! Book Copies available.

October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, November 3rd, and 10th

(6 lessons)