Introducing one-of-a-kind Young Author Fiction Writing Summer Camp Classes offered at the Storymakery Factory, Irvine Spectrum Center this Summer.

7-10 years old
5-6 years old

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Young Author Writing Summer Camp

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We have been featured by CBS LA, KTLA, LA Times, Parenting OC, OC Family, and many blogs including Plan-a-Day-Out, Macaroni Kid, OC Moms Blog, SoCal Field Trips, and much more!

All Classes Include:

Creative Writing Instruction

Character Design and Development


Publishing Studio 

(Illustrations, Book Dedication, Cover Personalization, etc.)

Material Fees & 3 bound storybooks

Full Day Camp: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Fee: $265

Half Day Camp: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Fee: $180

"...the gals that work there are fun, passionate, and knowledgeable about pop culture and what kids are interested in these days. They really helped guide my daughter to create interesting stories without writing the story for her.  They are talented in getting children to think deeper and come up with stories on their own." Gisa Nico

"Children are filled with great ideas. One of the best ways to express them would be to introduce them to the basic elements of character and story development.  Storymakery assist children to express their vivid imagination, good speech, enthusiastic creativity, and ability to complete an entire story...." - Lynn L.

"My daughter loved this place. She likes to write and felt very comfortable. They (also) make it very easy and fun for kids who really are not into writing to enjoy the experience." - Dan C.

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Duration: 1 week

Capacity: 8 students

Storymakery Factory at the Irvine Spectrum Center

Call us with any questions at 949-431-5061

Creative Writing
Fiction Writing
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5-Day Camp

Week of June 12th - Week of August 18th

Storymakery’s Young Author Summer Camp is the first creative writing camp that not only teaches the foundation for successful plot development but also allows kids to publish their own series of books. Our program extends your child's creativity, writing, self-expression and cognitive thinking skills with a unique and fun approach found nowhere else.