Whether your kids love superheroes, unicorns, pirates or princesses, we’ll make their dreams come to life! Storymakery is the perfect place to hold the next birthday party or special event for your kids. Our dedicated hosts and writers will delight your child and leave friends, schoolmates, and family with precious memories for years to come.

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This past weekend, we had our daughter's 4th birthday party at StoryMakery. Our daughter was very excited to be spending the time with her friends creating these characters and, as an educator, it was heartwarming to see the kids having so much fun, especially as they acted out their stories. The staff was patient, helpful, and cheerful, and we cannot thank them enough for giving our daughter and her friends such a memorable day. As kids get older, it's hard enough to plan a good party, but Storymakery helped us by making it effortless and unforgettable!” - E. Hartman
"I can't say enough great things about Storymakery! I had my daughter's bday ... and our experience certainly exceeded our expectations. First of all the whole concept of building your own character and creating a story then getting your book published to take home is beyond awesome!... My daughter loved her party! The Storymakery team is pretty dynamic, they are all so kind, patient, fun, and very talented!" - V. Taylor

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If you have 4-6 children and would like to host an informal but memorable experience for your child, then this option is perfect for you! Celebrate as a family or with a few of your child’s friends. 

The classic party package includes improv storytelling, games, and story writing for all age levels with dedicated hosts. An active event where the kids will learn as they have fun.

If you are ready to throw your child the most unforgettable birthday they will remember for a lifetime, then look no further. Add to the classic party package, choose a theme and we will take care of everything for you!



Give your child a birthday that lasts a lifetime!

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Storymakery is the FIRST self-publishing experience designed for young children. We help kids create characters, write stories, and print their own books!

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