Author Reading & Writing Workshop

Lisa Caprelli reading 

'Unicorn Jazz'

Saturday, July 27th at 2 PM

Join Storymakery and author Lisa Caprelli for a Unicorn Jazz story-time and sing-along magical event followed by an inspiring writing workshop for kids of all ages. Lisa will read 'Unicorn Jazz', a book about a shy unicorn named Jazz with a musical note for a tail.  This book teaches the importance of friendship, being unique and about the power of believing in others while providing a fun read your child is sure to enjoy! After reading the story the author will take your child on a journey to sing-along the Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song.

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Special Event Fee: $35  

Includes: Author reading, an autographed book from the author, writing workshop, copy of storybook created during writing workshop

Author of several best-selling books including Unicorn Jazz (curriculum, coloring books, unicorn products), Skip a Step: Imparting Wisdom for Young Entrepreneur Minds, Color Your Message, Writing Your Story and Turning it Into a Published book, Lisa helps people realize their dream of becoming an author by helping them to write, finish and publish their own book.

She enjoys writing, teaching and researching to create a culture of communication, fulfillment, and happiness. This leads back to her inquisitive nature of understanding human behavior to improve personal or business relationships. She is the host of the Happy Lifestyle Online Show. "Interviewing people and learning about their successes, experiences and struggles have always been fascinating to me because we have the capacity as human beings to be and do more than we ever thought possible by drawing from other people's perspectives."

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Storymakery writers then will work with children on expressing themselves through writing their own storybooks about the importance of family and friends with a focus on finding strength in being unique. Register below for this one of a kind event!