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Storymakery™ is the FIRST self-publishing experience where kids create their own storybooks! Dedicated writers help kids create characters, write their own story, and even illustrate their own books. Storymakery also offers fun events, one-of-a-kind birthday parties, scout events, school field trips, and much more!


As part of our exciting addition to our Young Author camps, the Character Illustration Workshops will teach kids how to draw characters. Character illustrations can be an integral part of the story-telling experience. Our instructors will show the importance of a character's appearance and how it can show their personality.  Instructors will use simple shapes and colors to start with - and build from there. Students will also learn the elements of character development.

Sign-up for a single workshop for $65 or 3-series classes for $175.

*Cancellation policy: Camps are non-refundable but we offer make-up sessions, the option to switch weeks and/or use the credit towards any experience, class or merchandise throughout the year.

Sunday, November 3rd, 10th and 17th (10:00 am - 12:00 pm)

Ages 7 -12. Fee includes all material costs. 

Sunday, November 3rd

Shapes and Language: Students will create new characters (e.g. creatures or faces) out of shapes to exercise ‘out of the box’ thinking.  Illustration project will ask students to illustrate a happy memory. 

Sunday, November 17th

Composition: Students will be the star of their own upcoming movie and will be asked to bring in their favorite toy.  We’ll show them how to transform their toy into a sidekick or a magical object illustration.

Sunday, November 10th

Still Life Illustration: Students will learn how to do blind contour drawing with a focus on overlapping objects and shape contours.  Illustration project will be still life illustration.