Storymakery is a unique place for children and families to have fun while making both memories and stories that last a life time. We encourage kids to be creative and explore ideas, while also building their cognitive and writing skills. We create an interactive and personalized writing experience where kids will be able to publish their own book after creating their own characters, story plots, and book layouts.

About Storymakery

Storymakery has been featured in the Orange County Register, LA Times, Parenting OC and the KTLA Live Morning Show.


825Spectrum Center Dr.
Irvine Spectrum Center
Irvine, CA 92618, USA
M-Th: 10am - 11pm
Fri-Sat: 10am-11pm
Sun: 10am-11pm


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All Classes Include:

Extend your child's creativity, writing, self-expression & cognitive thinking skills.

Storymakery™ is the FIRST self-publishing studio designed for children. Our writers will work with your kids during our after school program to show just how much fun story writing can be when kids are encouraged to let their imagination soar. Our After School Fall Classes teaches the foundation for successful plot development and allows your kids to publish their own series of books!

Take it from parents like you:

"...the gals that work there are fun, passionate, and knowledgeable about pop culture and what kids are interested in these days. They really helped guide my daughter to create interesting stories without writing the story for her.  They are talented in getting children to think deeper and come up with stories on their own." Gisa Nico

"Children are filled with great ideas. One of the best ways to express them would be to introduce them to the basic elements of character and story development.  Storymakery assist children to express their vivid imagination, good speech, enthusiastic creativity, and ability to complete an entire story...." - Lynn L.

"My daughter loved this place. She likes to write and felt very comfortable. They (also) make it very easy and fun for kids who really are not into writing to enjoy the experience." - Dan C.

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Irvine Spectrum Location

6-Week Program (Once per Week)

Each Class is 1 HR and 15 Minutes

Total Fee: $225 

Start Date & Time Depends on Session Chosen       

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Creative Writing Instruction

Character Design and Development


Publishing Studio (Illustrations, Book Dedication, Cover Personalization, etc.)

Material Fees 

2 Bound Storybooks

2 Individual Character Posters

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